Too Late! The cars you should have bought

Why you should have bought this BMW E36

What is it?

A BMW E36 Convertible with the 2.5 litre Straight 6 engine and a manual gearbox.

Where did it sell?

eBay, here

Why should I have bid on it?

Mora is a very rare colour for an E36. It means the first owner specified it deliberately, and it’s a really beautiful hue. We haven’t seen another E36 convertible in Mora with a manual gear box. When it comes to investable modern classics, rare and desirable specifications are the ones to go for.

That being said, this E36 isn’t a ‘Sport’ and those tend to be the most desirable. It’s wearing Sport wheels, but lacks the suspension, bumpers, skirts and seats that a Sport would have. Still, it’s easy to build one… Though it won’t say Sport on the logbook!

What did it sell for?

The auction finished at a shade over £2000.

At the moment this is top money for an E36 convertible, but when you consider an E30 in any condition with a soft top is £4000 it makes a lot of sense. For a well cared for and rare example, this is a bargain.

Note – We’d remove the wood and source some Sport seats for the interior, that’d give you a really nice and usable, enjoyable classic soft top.

Hope the new owner enjoys it!



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