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Barons Connoisseurs Classic Car Collection – How did our picks do?

Barons Connoisseurs Classic Car Collection took place yesterday, and the team are reporting a successful sale with well over 50% of cars sold, a good result in a challenging summer market.

We put our neck on the line by choosing 4 cars to keep an eye on… but how did they do?

2_1_Porsche 911S Targa-2 copy.jpg

Lot 108 – 1975 Porsche 911S Targa – GUIDE PRICE: £30,000 TO £35,000

We Said:

“Well, it’s a Nevada car (so no rust, but look for dried out rubber seals and hoses) and it’s in the right colour. Is there much not to like here? We think it’ll beat that guide price.”

Verdict: NOT SOLD

Our Comment: Interesting that a 911S Targa failed to find a buyer, it looked a dead cert with the way Porsche prices have been, but clearly no takers on this one.

1_1_BMW Alpina-5 copy

Lot 129 – 1985 BMW Alpina C1 2.3/1 – GUIDE PRICE: £17,000 TO £20,000

We said:

“It’s rare, and it’s white, but are the buyers out there? We have a sneaky suspicion that E30 prices have cooled in the last 6 months, so will be looking forward to discovering what this Alpina C1 makes tomorrow.”

Verdict: NOT SOLD

Our Comment: Feels like we shouldn’t have held back on this one and should have called it as unsold. It’s an auto, it’s a 5 figure E30 in white and it’s not an M3, so who’s buying? It’d have to be a passionate collector to go for that combination… we suspect this car may find a buyer abroad, or at half the price. £10-12k sounds more reasonable at the moment.

1_1_Porsche 993 red-1 copy

Lot 133 – 1996 Porsche 993 Carrera 4 – GUIDE PRICE: £42,000 TO £47,000

We Said:

“An original seeming 4 owner car in the right colour with the right wheels. We think it’ll do better than the guide price.”

Verdict: Not Sold

Our Comment: A little birdy told us this one was close to a sale but perhaps the car was just a little too ‘original’ for it’s age. The camera never lies, eh?

1_1_BMW 840-1.jpg

Lot 141 – 1995 BMW 840 Ci V8 Coupe – GUIDE PRICE: £6,000 TO £8,000

We Said:

“The odomoter showing over 100,000 miles is going to put off a lot of traditionally minded buyers, but the addition of an LPG conversion and those black wheels could seal the fate for this 840ci. Is it going to be a bargin, or are Bavarian barges on the bounce?

We think that guide price is about right, if a little generous.”

Verdict: Sold, £5,000

Our Comment: OK so for our next auction pick we’re going to go all out and not skirt around the issue… this was a £5-6k car all day long. Either it’s gone to someone who will cherish it and love it or it’ll pop up for sale next summer after a good paint mop for £9995 minus the black wheeks and LPG conversion… You read it here first…!

The BMW 8 Series is a really interesting modern classic, not least because the engines were so darn reliable and the cars were so comfortable people actually USED them…! We’ve seen these with well over 100,000 miles on the clock, and anyone who knows the 4.0 engine will understand that 100,000 miles with good maintenance is nothing… But will that magical 100,000 figure continue to put off the investors? Basically, yes. Good news for those of us that like affordable, beautiful, modern classic cars that can be used and enjoyed without huge purchase prices!

Thanks for reading.

Barons Connoisseurs Classic Car Collection – How did our picks do?

See the full results HERE


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