Coming Up: Auction Lots You Should Consider

Could this be the cheapest way into classic Ferrari ownership?

What is it? 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS quattrovalvole LHD

What’s the estimate? £46,000 – 50,000

When is the auction? Saturday 26th August 2017

If you don’t know that Ferrari prices have gone stratospheric in the last decade, you must have been living under a rock. Red cars with the prancing horse on the front with any sort of claim to classic credibility have all seen huge increases, so with a lower estimate of just £46,000 this 308 GTS quattrovalvole looks exciting… what’s more, it isn’t red.

Ordering a Ferrari in any colour other than red is brave, and a blue Ferrari is always going to have a certain appeal.

A quick search of current ‘for sale’ equivalents shows prices far above the lower estimate of this Ferrari, which is why it caught our eye. Sure, it’s Left Hand Drive, but with the economy as it is right now, that can go either way.

Anyway, there isn’t much more to say other than it’s a Ferrari, it could be an affordable investment and it’s coming up at Anglia Car Auctions August Sale.

Go on, pop a bid on.

And we managed a whole post about a 308 GTS without mentioning Magnum P.I…



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