Coming Up: Auction Lots You Should Consider

Berlinetta Auctions offer 4 classic Lotus Lots!

Two Europas and Two Elans are currently for sale with Berlinetta Classic Car Auctions, but which would you pick? We'd take that JPS Europa any day...

Too Late! The cars you should have bought

Why you should have bought this BMW E36

Mora is a very rare colour for an E36. It means the first owner specified it deliberately, and it's a really beautiful hue. We haven't seen another E36 convertible in Mora with a manual gear box. When it comes to investable modern classics, rare and desirable specifications are the ones to go for.

Future Classics - Cars To Watch

Modern Classics For Sale: BMW E39 M5 Individual

Here's one we found on eBay... but why buy it? It's an E39 M5. Good, clean ones are climbing in value. This one looks cared for. It's an individual. That means the first owner really gave some thought to colour and trim. It's rare. This is 1 of 2 in Dakar Yellow. Like it or… Continue reading Modern Classics For Sale: BMW E39 M5 Individual